Loyal Heights Classes
Mondays 10:30am to 1pm

 Magnuson Brig Classes
Thursdays  10:00am to 12:30pm

Winter 2022 : Back in Class!

Artist Choice

Last Class

Defining Space

lesson eight: Using color, value, overlapping, cropping, and detail

The Water in Watercolor

lesson seven: Understanding  the levels of water in the paint, paper and brushes

Painting with (not from) Photographs

lesson six: Using multiple photos as reference

Variety: In Sumi

lesson five:  variety in size and shape

Placement: The Golden  Rectangle

lesson four:  dividing the composition into a little-larger-than-half and little-smaller-than-half to create balance and harmony in a painting

Drawing: Graphite on hot press

lesson three:  How to see and draw using the blind contour and contour drawing
subject: kitchen tools

Color: Trio of Triads

lesson two:  Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Triads
subject: flowers

Planning vs. splashing

lesson one:  how to plan and start a painting
subject: abstract

Lesson one  Student Paintings