Loyal Heights Classes
Tuesdays 10:30  to 1:00

 Meadowbrook Classes
Thursdays  10:00 to 12:30

Spring 2024

Color Combos!

Complementary Color Combos

mixing tones, shades, grays,  and blacks with complements

Split Complementary Combos

temperature of colors: warm or cool

Analogous Combos

intensity of colors

Analogous-Complimentary Combos

dominant Hue

Monochromatic Combos

tints, tones, shades, & saturation

Primary Triad Combos

reds, blues,  and yellows

Secondary Triad Combos

oranges, greens, and violets

Tertiary Triad Combos

Red-Orange, Yellow-green, & Blue-Violet