Watercolor Class with Sandra Kahler

Class Schedule for Magnolia
Mondays 9:30am to 1pm

Class Schedule for Magnuson Brig
Thursdays  11:00am to 2:15pm

Current Lessons: Fall 2019

The Valuable Values

lesson one

bring to class:  w/c supplies, source material will be supplied

Value: Hue,Shades, Tones and Tints

lesson:  Values: light to dark
subject: abstract

Lesson One: Students paintings

lesson two

bring to class:  w/c supplies, photos of big skies

Creating Vast Valued Space

lesson: how values control space

 subject:  Big Skies

Lesson Two: Magnolia Students paintings

lesson three

bring to class: w/c supplies
photos of artist’s still lifes

Limited Palette: pick two colors

lesson: explore light to dark using two colors
subject: still life

Lesson Three:  Students paintings

lesson four

bring to class:  w/c supplies,  
photos of interiors

Shapes in the Shadows

Lesson: rich vibrant darks
subject: interior scene

Lesson Four: Magnolia Students Paintings

Lesson Four: The Brig Students Paintings

lesson five

bring to class:   w/c supplies,
bk and white photo

Snapshot Painting

lesson:  value mapping: the thumbnail
subject: figurative-people or pets

Lesson Five: Magnolia Students paintings

Lesson Five: Magneson Brig Students paintings

lesson six

bring to class: w/c supplies,
source material will be supplies

Value Gradient

lesson: colors light to dark
subject: Birch trees

Lesson Six: examples

lesson seven

bring to class:   w/c supplies, sumi supplies

Sumi & Watercolor

lesson: explore black with colors
subject: TBA

Lesson Seven: Examples

lesson eight

bring to class:  w/c supplies, Idea of what you want to Paint! Cards will be supplied

Holiday cards

lesson: Artist Choice
subject:  holiday florals, scenes?

Lesson Eight: student’s cards

lesson nine

bring to class:  w/c supplies  

Mostly Darks

lesson: how to paint glassware
subject:  simple glass pieces

Lesson Nine: examples

lesson ten

bring to class:  w/c supplies

Any Lesson from Above

lesson: pick a lesson from above
subject:  artist choice